About Hindu on Campus

Hindu on Campus is a student-led organization seeking to instill a sense of pride in the Hindu diaspora, combat Hinduphobia on campus and create institutional protections to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion for Hindu students on campuses. Most institutions are not aware of Hindus as a people and by default, discrimination we face. This makes institutions in-equipped to combat campus Hinduphobia. We are here to change that through grassroots level organizing, social media awareness and educational programming.

Through our data collection, advocacy and social media campaigning, we have accumulated close to fifty thousand followers across a span of social media platforms. This includes influential members of American, British and Indian society.


Hindu on Campus was founded in March 2021 by a group of diverse Hindu American students. For years, we noticed that campus Hinduphobia was left unchallenged. Throughout academia and mainstream campus discourse, the representation and curriculum on Hinduism and India, the sacred homeland of the Hindu people, relied solely on colonial era tropes without creating spaces for authentic Hindu voices . Although there are real societal issues which deserve to be critiqued, the dominant narrative surrounding Hinduism are the 3 C’s: Caste, Cow and Curry. Anxious about the current state of affairs for Hindus on Campus, we came together to make a change for the sake of the entire community.

Since we began, we developed relationships with Hindu organizations across the world. We’ve expanded to the UK, Canada and Australia to protect the rights of Hindu students on those campuses.

Our Vision

Our mission is to educate and advocate on behalf of Hindus and Hinduism in an effort to end Hinduphobia on campus. We strive to make a significant impact for Hindus of diverse ethnic and national backgrounds. We hope to build relationships between Hindus and other communities for mutual understanding, respect and allyship.

What we do

Since we began organizing, the struggle by Hindu students for justice began to receive international attention, something that has never happened before. We aim to continue campaigning, organizing and supporting educational initiatives to eradicate institutionalized Hinduphobia.

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