Student-Led Organization to Fight Hinduphobia

We are a student-driven organization with the purpose to combat Hinduphobia in North America. While we focus mainly on helping Hindu students assert their voice and raising awareness of Hinduphobic narratives perpetuated in university campuses, we seek to empower Hindus to take a united stance in defense of their Dharma.


Hindu on Campus is a grassroots, Hindu student-driven organization & international movement aimed at creating a space for Gen Z diaspora Hindus to share their experiences regarding anti-Hindu bigotry. Our mission is to advocate for young Hindus all across the board – from schools to college campuses – to ensure that Hindu rights are protected and treated in accordance with anti-discrimination policies. We strongly support Gen Z Hindu voices and support any and all initiatives to amplify them.

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  • Are you a Hindu student, parent, professor or administrator? Are you in high school, college or another educational institution, based in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia?


  • If you have ever experienced discrimination based on your religious identity as a Hindu, we want you to know we’ve been there before, and we are here for you.


  • Tell us about it, we’ll amplify your voice, use data driven approaches for tangible campus action and end Hinduphobia on campus.

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I was a part of a campus organization and we had a slack group chat. On the main channel someone posted that the Ram Janmabhoomi Bhumi Pujan was a ‘gross display of Hindu supremacy’ and that it should be condemned (even though the student organization has absolutely nothing to do with politics or religion)

UC Davis

I replied with a rebuttal, sharing my perspective. Since that incident, I started speaking out more about Hindu persecution. However, when I try to explain the ongoing Hindu genocide just by stating facts, they call me ‘Racist’, ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘Biased’.

UC Davis

Several of my “friends” have blocked me on social media. I feel very uncomfortable around them and feel like I don’t belong and can’t display my Hindu identity.

UC Davis

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